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Comprehensive Pediatrics

Health Exams & Screenings

VEP - The Visual Evoked Potential Screening Exam

The VEP exam is a specialized eye-screening tool that can be performed on children as young as 6 months of age. This quick, simple and non-invasive test helps detect eye problems such as strabismus, lazy eye and vision problems which can be helped by corrective lenses. It can easily be performed with an infant or child sitting on the mother's lap. The VEP exam should be performed on a yearly basis. Early detection means better treatment.


Our office ensures that your child is kept up to date on all required immunizations. The first years of life are the most important for vaccinations, and it is important to complete all series vaccinations for your child.

Laboratory Tests

Onsite laboratory tests are available for those who qualify. Depending on your insurance, you will not have to go to an outside lab for tests!