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Comprehensive Pediatrics

For Parents

The information provided on this site is solely for informational purposes. Please consult your pediatrician regarding any questions or concerns about your child.

Expecting Parents

Congratulations, and thank you for allowing Comprehensive Pediatrics to care for your child's health needs. Soon you will be a parent and this will bring one of the biggest joys and responsibilities. Comprehensive Pediatrics believes that the best way to receive your child is to be as prepared as you can. Click here for some tips.


At this time, it is important for you to bring your baby in for an initial visit one to two days after being discharged from the hospital. The first screening is important in ensuring that your baby is receiving the attention it needs from an early age. Click here for some tips.


At this time it is important to bring the infant in monthly for well checks. At each of these visits we will monitor the physical and cognitive development of your infant. Click here for some tips.


During this time your child should come in for at least one wellness examination per year and also for preventative vaccinations. Click here for some tips.


As a child develops to a teenager and young adult it is important that a visit to the office is made at least once a year for a wellness examination. This not only ensures physical and cognitive well being but is also a preventative evaluation. Click here for some tips.