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By now, your baby is probably smiling at you and expecting you to smile back. This is a proud visit as your child continues to amaze you with new developmental achievements. We will continue to discuss ways to stimulate your baby’s continued development. We will also develop a strategy to help you raise a healthy eater and sleeper.

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By this age, your baby should be able to hold head steady without lag, can bounce and extend legs

Four month old babies produce a great deal of saliva at this age.  Also, anything in their hands will end up in their mouth.  These behaviors are often misconstrued as signs of teething.  Usually, infants begin teething between 6 – 18 months.

Bottle-fed infants begin solid foods at four months.  Breast fed infants may remain exclusively breast-fed until six months or can introduce solid foods between 4-6 months. 

For more information, consult our feeding sheet here.

At this visit your baby will receive 2nd DTAP (Diptheria Tetanus and Pertussis) IPV (Polio) and ROTA (Oral Rotavrius) vaccines.