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By two months of age your baby should begin to respond to sounds, be able to hold head upright for short periods of time, lift head and begin to push up when laying down/face downwards and starting to coo in attempt to talk.


All babies develop at different rates.  Please do not be discouraged or worried, if your child has not achieved the following milestones by 2 months.

At this age, your child should:

  • Lift chest momentarily when on tummy
  • Discover hands and fingers
  • Grasp with some control
  • Smile and Coo with increasing frequency
  • Follow objects by moving head from side to side

Most babies do not have a reaction to the vaccines. A small percentage may develop a low-grade fever (under 102) or fussiness during the 24 hours after the administration of the vaccine. If this occurs, please provide a dose of acetaminophen (Tylenol) as directed on our Acetaminophen dosing chart. For more information on potential reactions to specific vaccines, please click on the Vaccine Information Sheets provided on the Centers for Disease Control website.