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Four year VISIT

Your child is growing fast, If you think 4-year-olds are hard to keep up with, it’s probably because they develop lots of new skills very quickly this year. By this age, kids have begun to develop some basic executive function skills.


By four years of age your child should be able too: 

  • Hop on one foot up to five seconds 
  • Draw a person with two to four body parts   
  • Can brush teeth on their own  
  • Correctly name some colors 
  • Cooperate with other children 


At this visit you should expect your child to: have hearing and vision screening performed, finger stick for CBC and urine analysis done. They will also have their blood pressure taken and receive four booster vaccines (DTAP, Polio, MMR and Chicken pox). It is important to be honest with your child about receiving vaccines. If the season is appropriate, your child may also receive the Influenza vaccine. You may discuss separating these vaccines with your doctor.