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You and your baby have reached the 6 week mark. Hooray ! Every baby grows and develops at their own rate, but by 6 weeks old, most babies should be gaining weight (about 4 Ibs since birth) and begin to self soothe. Cognitive functions begin to form at this age allowing the baby to start smiling socially.


As per CDC recommendations it is perfectly safe to receive 5 vaccines in one visit. However, our physicians at Comprehensive Pediatrics’ follow a vaccine schedule, with the same vaccines more divided into frequent visits. We feel in doing so, we are able to identify if a baby has an adverse reaction to a specific vaccine. Also, parents feel more comfortable administering two vaccines rather than 4-5.

For more information on vaccine safety and side effects:
• www.cdc.gov
• www.aap.org
• www.vaccinesaftey.edu
• www.vaccine.chop.edu
• www.immunize.org
• www.vaccines.org
• www.pkids.org

Most vaccines given should have no side effects greater than some redness or swelling possible low grade fever < 102 F and irritability. We recommend giving a Tylenol dose to alleviate symptoms. For questions regarding dosing- please consult our dosing chart based on weight.

At this visit, your baby will receive 1st HIB (Haemophilus influenza type B) PCV(pneumococcal) vaccines.